About Bright Leaf
About Sarah

I’m Sarah Berti. I’m a mythmaker, artist, editor, and outdoor and experiential educator. I founded Bright Leaf Literary to assist creatives to make their work shine and to help them succeed with their artistic and literary goals.

I specialize in mythic and speculative fiction (fantasy and science fiction) but work with any genre and age category, from picture book through middle grade, young-adult, and adult. I have edited for traditionally published authors, self-published authors, conscious entrepreneurs, cultural creatives, artists, photographers, students, and university professors.

I have a B.A. degree in Outdoor and Experiential Education from Queen’s University, and a degree in English Literature from Trent University. I have been responsible for curriculum creation at public and private schools, content creation for homeschooling and unschooling initiatives, and have been an oral storyteller my whole life. I’ve directed camps and outdoor centres, and have founded a farm and an unschooling/homeschooling cooperative working with children in nature using art, story, word, and the power and potency of the grounded imagination. I also offer autistic consulting and work with individuals with special needs.

I am a serious meditation practitioner and have studied alchemy for over 16 years, developing an on-demand access to the original thought, vision, and creativity that is sourced beyond old, tired mental patterns.

My own mythic project includes short stories, novels, non-fiction, interviews, poetry, games, and art, and is set to be published over the next 10 to 15 years. Currently you can preview forthcoming content from this project at thehelixlibrary.com

I have ghost-written novels, poems, curriculum guides, and articles, and have spent the bulk of my life reading, writing, and studying writing craft. I have received scholarships and awards for my writing and content creation and I am committed to continual professional development.

Who we work with

We work with many types of creators from authors, university professors, artists, photographers, and poets, to youtubers, yogis, and cultural creatives. We take on projects ranging from fiction to non-fiction, from ghostwriting an entire book to editing just a few chapters.

We also bring your words alive through narration and storytelling, offering a voice for your stories, books, videos, and articles.

No project is too big or too small, whether you want an entire novel ghostwritten, line-editing for just a few pages, an original poem to highlight your photography or art, or narration for a video series.

What makes Bright Leaf Literary special?

There are lots of editors and ghostwriters out there. Why work with me specifically?

My specialty is to demand of the work that it become its greater self, and to assess with fierce organizational precision how to get it there. When a work is floundering, I am able to spot mud on wing feathers that nobody else sees, and I know how to sleek it off so the novel can fly.

I have studied creativity, perception, reality, mastery, imagination, and genius extensively for more than twenty-five years. I continue to develop these attributes in unique ways, one of which is honing the craft of writing. Through experimentation, writing, editing, ghost-writing, study, and professional development, and by helping my clients with their work, I have developed a skill set that includes not only good writing craft, but the ability to perceive uniquely, innovate via intuitive imagination, access originality, and then express insights potently—and simply.

I can wield these tools with precision to help make your work shine, or create original work for you.

Subtle discrepancies that nobody else noticed? I notice. A sentence that’s good? I can teach you how to make it brilliant. A brilliant concept? I’ll help you place it on the same page as the reader. My powers: vision that zooms out and in, critical creative imagination, precision, the tautness of micro-tension to keep a reader reading, multi-valency, and sharp sculpting.


No project is ever the same; I tailor my flexible, constructive and precise process to meet each client’s specific goals.

I will be positive yet rigorously evaluate your manuscript to assess what is working well, and what needs work and how it can be addressed. We will balance your artistic goals with the realities of the marketplace and the needs and desires of your readers. You and your reader need to meet—on the same page.

From the infinite cosmos, to the author’s mind, to the word on the page, to the reader—that’s a long journey. With relentless focus, I help with the entire process, from first draft to publication.

I collaborate with every client to maximize the value of their work and polish their unique voice. I specialize in applying the critical imagination to sculpt away the needless for the essence, identify what is ready to be dropped, and notice what is missing in a work and what dormant seeds are ready to bloom when care is applied.

Vitalizing your art with the intelligence of a mind both creative—and precise.

"Sarah Berti is one of the most delightful creative creatives on this planet. Her understanding of the language is exhaustive as is her grasp and mastery of so very much knowledge. She has a firm binding love for the earth and for words. I would recommend her without reservations for any literary work.” Edwina Peterson Cross, poet, former editor of Welcome Home, author of Looking up at Love.