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In these times, words and stories have more power than ever before. We help authors write impactful books that shine bright like the sun.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am interested in shaping excellence and drawing forth genius. I help authors, writers and creatives take their manuscripts to the next level. Let’s vitalize the power, clarity and potency of your work to suit you, your reader—and the marketplace. Together we can make your work come alive. Let’s build worlds and break hearts open. Learn about my Philosophy
"Sarah Berti is one of the most delightful creative creatives on this planet. Her understanding of the language is exhaustive as is her grasp and mastery of so very much knowledge. She has a firm binding love for the earth and for words. I would recommend her without reservations for any literary work.” -Edwina Peterson Cross, poet, former editor of Welcome Home, author of Looking up at Love