Services editing ~ ghostwriting ~ voiceover

I ghostwrite novels, poetry, articles, curriculum, lesson plans, and many other texts. I can ghostwrite your entire novel, just a chapter or two, or fill in smaller gaps when you’ve hit a wall and need inspiration. I also ghostwrite poetry for occasions, such as if you want to send verse to woo your beloved, or to caption a set of artwork or photography for books, ebooks, or on social media.

Ghostwriting can be a small part of editing your work, or it can be original content for an entirely new novel, poem, mini-creation, or non-fiction piece. Ghostwriting fees vary depending on whether I am being credited as the author or not.

While I love to ghostwrite in a wide range of genres, including (your) autobiography, my specialties are projects where authentic mythical, alchemical, or spiritual content is needed, and also curriculum materials of any kind and for any learner.


I will assess your novel or work using content editing and line editing, both focused by the critical imagination. Critical imagination unites high-level vision with grounded realities such as markets and knowing what your reader wants.

Content Editing

Content Editing will enhance and give feedback on the substance of the text, including vision, narrative drive, character arcs, depth, height, appeal, and readability. Feedback can touch on plot, characterization, theme, hooks, inciting incidents, story arcs, pacing, conflict, setting, and genre, as well as more specific elements including subtext, context, and tension.

If you want just content editing, the feedback will be returned in the form of a letter and would not include line-by-line editing of the text. Any plot holes, inconsistencies, lack of conflict, pacing issues, and other problems will be identified. This level of editing specifically looks at portals of possibility—what dimensions are currently lacking that, if addressed, will remind the work how to become its best self.

Line Editing

This is my favourite! Line by line, your work will be evaluated and edited for such things as style, tone, dialogue tags, flow, word choice, clarity, line-by-line continuity, potency, descriptions, structure, voice, and impact. This edit will polish everything to perfection. This is NOT a final proof-reading before publication: hire a proofreader for that. You will receive this editing in the form of tracked changes in a document.

Most often, line-editing and content editing is combined in one comprehensive edit.

Sculpting each sentence into the Masterpiece it is.


Offering an authentic, natural narrative voice for storytelling. I provide voiceover for short stories, video narration, poetry, or longer pieces. I have been an oral storyteller for years around wilderness campfires, particularly for children and teens, and have developed a poetry of pause, potency, emphasis, flow and tone in the art of storytelling. If you want smooth, clinical perfection I’m not the right voice for you, but if you want intelligence, presence and reality, then I can help. We want our listeners on the edge of their seats, leaning forward to hear what happens next, compelled by the truth in the story.

I love to provide voiceover for children’s books, stories and videos, but work with any project. Please inquire for samples.

"Sarah is an incredible writer and storyteller. Her words bring me into realms of higher consciousness and stronger connection to my self. I read everything from her highly imaginative, creative mind—genius! Our world is a better place because of her gift of writing.” Mark Riesenberg, author of Brightening your Life’s Path