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Sen, Sanja & the Cube of Runes A demon. A droid. A cube of broken runes. Can the soulful siblings track their missing parents through loopy dimensions?

Sen and Sanja’s parents vanish in mysterious and ominous circumstances. After Social Services threatens to shunt them off to an orphanage, the intrepid siblings gather their vast magical know-how and sharp detective wits and set off to find their mom and dad. Following the directions of their first clue—a rune-riddled Cube found in their non-existent attic—our heroes open a trans-dimensional portal located inside their toy tent. With Social Service agents at their heels, Sen and Sanja navigate through impossible dimensions and extraordinary worlds in their trusty vessel Miss Moany, collecting a curious company of allies along the way. Will they find their parents and unseal all the Runes of the Cube?

author: Borut Lesjak, editor: Sarah Berti

The Helix Library You were once magic, but you sold off pieces of yourself to the machine. You were once free, but the shadow program caged you.

The Helix Library is a platform to share some parts of The Helix Library Mythos and to highlight the Stories from the Helix Library Series. The collection includes multidimensional content including stories, poetry, spoken word, philosophy, games, novels, art, codes, experiences, and other creations. A small fraction of The Helix Library Mythos has been uploaded as a teaser, and the majority will be released in the next 2 to 15 years.

Our purpose is to catalyze sovereign entity consciousness, foster conscious self-mastery, spotlight and teach the vital role of heart coherence, and key particular perceptions and emotional orientations that, if used as wings, can dismantle the cages we live in and free the human mind-body system from its negative precedents, patterning and programming. Through the catalytic inspiration of the high imagination and via Stories from the Helix Library, we offer new templates, new ways of being and perceiving, and new models of our fundamental selves.

Don’t just take my word for it.
"Sarah Berti is a brilliant writer. There is not a single thing I can critique about her prose. She is working at such a rarefied literary altitude…genius..."Nancy Springer, winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, the Edgar Allen Poe award, author of The Rowan Hood Series, Enola Homes mystery series, Grandghost, the Oddling Prince, and hundreds more

"What Sarah writes is True."Calvin Luther Martin, professor, Rutgers University, author of The Way of the Human Being

“Sarah Berti is one of the most delightful creative creatives on this planet. Her understanding of the language is exhaustive as is her grasp and mastery of so very much knowledge. She has a firm binding love for the earth and for words. I would recommend her without reservations for any literary work.”—Edwina Peterson Cross, poet, former editor of Welcome Home, author of Looking up at Love

"I'm eternally grateful to Sarah Berti! With a special blend of passion, perfection and creative genius I have now gained an A-Plus publishing standard novel. She brought my story alive and made it Pop! Highly recommended, don't look back!”—O'ran Ruadh, author of The Last Embers

“The Helix Library project is a set of writings that engage the heart, mind and soul and encode gems of sovereign integral awareness inlaid upon the trail of awakening and remembering. Illuminated words that reveal wonders. Nothing less than magic.”Michael Green, founder, Integrated Arts Academy, Australia, author of Inspiration for Life’s Journey

"Sarah is an incredible writer and storyteller. Her words bring me into realms of higher consciousness and stronger connection to my self. I read everything from her highly imaginative, creative mind—genius! Our world is a better place because of her gift of writing.”Mark Riesenberg, author of Brightening your Life’s Path

"Sarah Berti provided an phenomenal set of original curriculum and programming for our camp and outdoor centre that integrated nature, poetry, art, games, storytelling, philosophy, staff training materials, and experiences. A thrilling, relatable, and complex yet accessible magic.”—Dylan Danard, former director, Mulmur Hills Camp

"Sarah Berti is a brilliantly creative, focused, and reliable editor and ghostwriter. She takes your work to the next level, while honoring your expressive intentions. I recommend her highly.”—Jeff Brown, author of Soulshaping and An Uncommon Bond, publisher at Enrealment Press.
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